quote Reflections on Unity, by Unity Member Ronnie

“Unity is a Special Group”


Unity gives me a sense of belonging; it gives me strength and determination to get up in the morning, to move forward in my day to day activities.

Unity is a caring, loving environment, where service users and carers can give something back, sharing our life experiences and knowledge to work closely with social work students and educators to help in their studies to educate and empower students to see it from a service user and carers’ perspective.

Talking to students gives me confidence which builds up my self-esteem to know that the students are learning.  The social work academics, Sara and Siân do a brilliant job with the students and group to provide good outcomes for the students; they are a breath of fresh air.

Unity meets up every six weeks working to contribute to the students’ social work modules and events in the wider university, which include personal stories, role plays and workshops.  Our meeting is friendly but with a serious point.  We meet for two hours of discussion then an hour for lunch to socialise; me time.

I am also involved with the inter-university group working with other universities in Scotland to share ideas and knowledge and to organise events for the benefits of social work students across Scotland.

I have had the opportunity to deliver a workshop with Unity at the 10th International Conference on Practice Teaching and Field Education in Health and Social Work at Strathclyde University.  The workshop we delivered was called ‘The Ideal Social Worker’; it was a privilege to be involved.

Unity is a special group that treats its members with dignity and respect.

 – Ronnie, Unity Member.