University of Stirling Service Users and Carers’ Group


The University of Stirling Service Users and Carers’ Group is organised in the School of Social Work.

Unity was established in 2005 in recognition of the important contribution that people who use services have to make to social work education. Many of the group’s founder members continue to be involved along with people who have joined more recently.



The group meets at the university on a six weekly basis with additional meetings around specific projects as required.

The format of the main meetings is a two hour session, for which an agenda is made up and circulated in advance. This is followed by lunch, which we have found to be an important opportunity for group members to get to know each other and share ideas in an informal way.  A record is made of each meeting and circulated to all members.


University staff involvement in the group comprises the group convenors, Fiona Sherwood-Johnson and Sian Lucas who are members of the Social Work qualifying programme staff team.